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Frequently Asked Questions
1. What is Hofnfoh?
Hofnfoh is many narratives illustrated in pieces, fractured by non-sequiturs, copious discursive leaps, and jarring stylistic mutations. It takes place in another universe. There remains the slight possibility that a grand overarching storyline will eventually become discernible.
2. I'm confused, what's going on?
Hofnfoh can be read chronologically by following the "Chronological Links" below each post. You will still be confused, but you'll be doing it in an orderly manner. The first post time-wise is currently this one.
3. I think I've seen some of this before?
This website was mirrored on Wordpress and Blogspot, but they are no longer being updated. Hofnfoh was also once called The Fountain World.
4. Who makes Hofnfoh?

Greg "gElm"
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